Flax Pom Poms

What you’ll need:

  • Harakeke/Flax leaves
  •  Cardboard 
  • Twine/String 
  • Scissors 

Your first task is to collect some long green flax leaves - here’s a link on how to collect flax properly and respectfully! https://collections.tepapa.govt.nz/topic/3623 

Split the flax leaves into the sized pom pom string you want. ( I found ½ a centimetre a perfect width)

After saying our karakia and collecting our flax, we went to our recycling bin to look for some bits of cardboard we could use.

Put two cardboard pieces on top of each other, cut them into a circle, then cut out the middle of that circle… See below! 

Start to make your pom pom! Hold onto the end of the flax while you wrap the Harakeke through the hole around and outside and through the hole again. Keep doing this until you’ve used the whole length of flax. Repeat these steps until you’re happy with the thickness of your pom pom (I recommend carrying on weaving until no more can fit any more through the hole) 

Once you can weave anymore grass through the cardboard, get your scissors and cut between the two cardboard pieces and tightly tie a knot in between the two bits of cardboard. Pull of the bits of cardboard and cut any flax that's too long or unruly! 

Now fluff them up, and tie a long piece of string to them so you can hang them up!