Little Pots of Gold

In our upside down world here in Aotearoa New Zealand its the shortest day. We’ve got over 5 hours less daylight than the longest day today.

Winter seems to take us by surprise. We don't see this change coming as our native forests only have three fully deciduous trees.

If you take the time to venture out on a winter's day you will be rewarded with little pots of gold everywhere, not quite replacing the sunshine but indulging the senses none-the-less!

On my ramble I've found our citrus trees drooping under the weight of their yellow and orange fruit and we harvest large hands of bananas with golden fingers.


Even the flowers seem to want to brighten your day, from South America the yellow of the Tithonia and Yacon flowers seem to pop out in the grey-green haze like filter placed over the world.


Cheery pest plants like German Ivy and Black Eyed Susan jump out to say a cheeky ‘hello’.


The smell of wet earth and squelch of mud beneath my boots make me happy to think the earth is being replenished. I too head back indoors with a clear head, only to indulge in yet another little pot of gold, marmalade a friend dropped around!

We save the best pot of gold in Aotearoa till last. The Kowhai tree which is hunkering down now and being stripped of its protein rich leaves by the native wood pigeon hungry for food. It will soon be covered in dainty yellow flowers and signal the change of season and longer days to come.

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