Jane Goodall - Rewind the Future

Jane Goodall’s presence doesn't hit you, it envelopes you in a calm, kind and poignant serenity.

Enthralled by the simplicity of her message and inspired by her patience and optimism we listened to Jane speak about her life, her calling and her message - “Rewind the future”. Jane believes we still have time to influence global warming, just….this window is closing quickly.

Jane’s optimism was underpinned by four factors she believes in:

  1. The younger generation’s ability to embrace change.
  2. Nature’s Resilience.
  3. Our human intelligence.
  4. Our in-obstinate spirit.

Jane’s gracious message is that we are all connected; people, animals and the environment. To thrive we must protect and cherish all of these elements, they are intertwined, inextricably linked. The problem being that our world has finite resources, yet people continue to focus on economic growth as a measure of success.  This greed, she thinks, will drive us to extinction along with the other animals in this world, unless we change what we are doing and how we are doing it.

Jane encouraged change to start with individuals by thinking and acting locally. “Only then,” she said “can we dare to think on a global scale”. The theory being that it will be the impact of billions of individuals that make the difference and help to rewind the future.

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