This scavenger hunt is a great activity for kids and is easily adaptable so everyone can have fun at all ages and stages.

The scavenger hunt  doesn't have to be as simple as asking tamariki to go and look for a rock or a feather; instead you could ask them to look for colours (I will put and awesome colour wheel scavenger hunt below that you can print out and use)  or you could use describing words to fuel the scavenger hunt such as; something tiny or something smelly. This allows the kiddos to use their imagination to find something that fits that prompt making for a fun and challenging scavenger hunt! You could use an empty cardboard egg container out of the recycling bin and print out the prompts and glue them on top so the tamariki have something to carry the treasures around in

I found the awesome thing about those prompts are listening to the kids explain why it met the criteria. Asking them what makes this object tiny or smelly encourages tamariki to really think about why they chose the object and helps them be more aware in nature looking at things from a different view noticing the different parts of things instead of looking at them just as they are. 

For our youngest kids telling them to find something can sometimes be difficult. For these kids curiosity is everything! Grab a little bucket or container and let them wander around the back yard and tell them they can pick up the bits of nature they like… while they are making their way around the backyard they'll be putting their finds inside the bucket. This will help them learn spatial awareness and hand eye coordination as well as fueling their curiosity. Be sure to help them learn what everything is also; you don’t have to know each plant's name persay It can be as simple as saying “that's a flower!” or “that's a rock!” It just encourages that curiosity and gets the kids outside for a bit also! 

We have a couple amazing products available on our online store  (free shipping across NZ!) that can help you with doing amazing scavenger hunts… Go Find it and Go Find It Too are card packs made by the Sensory Trust and are a perfect way to get your kids outdoors and exploring! I find they're a much easier alternative than making up your own scavenger hunt. With heaps of cards and heaps of possibilities of different things to find, no two scavenger hunts will be the same!

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